Monday, January 24, 2011


welcome to my cherry amour, our new blog about style, design, fashion, crafts, and other things you love.

who are we?
we are kat (kathayoon) and haylie, two graduate students who met in portland and bonded while working together at the oregon zoo. recently, we have both begun new graduate careers on opposite ends of the country. i (kat) am in california, and haylie is in washington d.c. for more information about us, read our sidebar. that has everything you need to know.

what's this blog all about?
haylie and i like really cute things. but we also don't have tons of money, on account of being professional students. this blog is about style/design/fashion/crafts that you can actually have. there are roughly ten-thousand style blogs out there (i know because i've read them. all.) but most of them talk about fantastically pricey, limited edition style. others talk about designs you can only create if you are a closet art genius. we promise you, dear reader, that we will try to be practical yet one-of-a-kind. we are underfunded and overambitious. we are just as crafty as you are and love to share our secrets.

what kinds of things are you going to post?
stay up, haylie and i are each going to post five of our favorite things. just so you can get to know us better. from there? it's a surprise...

a bientot!!

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