Thursday, March 1, 2012

dry shampoo, shoes, and making

hi cherries!

it's late and i'm headed to bed, but before i do, i wanted to post quickly about three things i like lately.

first of all, dry shampoo! dry shampoo is kind of amazing and i can't believe i just found out about it. initially skeptical, i bought the cheapest version i could find, the suave kind, for less than $3:
Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray, Beautiful Clean, 5-Ounce
so the way dry shampoo works, is you spray it on your hair after you blow-dry it, especially around the roots. it locks in all the oil and prevents your hair from getting really greasy. when i first did this, i wasn't immediately impressed. my hair seemed to get greasy at just the same rate. what made me a believer, though, was when i looked in the mirror and saw super greasy, piecey bangs. i sprayed the dry shampoo directly on my bangs, and they INSTANTLY (seriously. instantly.) turned perfect. not piecey. not greasy. it was a (day after) leap day miracle. 
the one thing to be careful of is spraying too close to your hair, which ends up leaving a weird white powder. this powder is pretty easy to get rid of if you just brush it through. anyway, dry shampoo: great.

second, i really love these:
The Patent Sidewalk Skimmer
i don't really see a world in which i could afford them right now, but they make me really happy. also they come in a black with white polka dots that could only be better if it was navy blue instead of black:

The Polka-Dot Sidewalk Skimmer

anyway, those are beautiful.

lastly, a shameless plug for a project i'm working on, sparklab! i think it's pertinent though, because this blog is often about creativity and making things, and that's what sparklab is all about too! check us out on kickstarter, on make magazine's blog, or on core77