Monday, August 20, 2012

back to school

in spite of the fact that i'm the worst blogger in the world, i've decided to start with no mea culpas this time, guys, just a "i'm glad to be back" and an "i hope that i get to post often this coming fall." both of which are true.

speaking of this fall, a lot is changing for me. although i'm still at the george washington university, now it's as a phd student, which means that now i have students, which means that now i have to dress like a grown-up. priority one? ditching my backpack (which is mostly held together by staples anyway. fact) for a cute messenger bag. i'm hopefully going to start saving for this one from moop, but in the meantime, i quite like this one from target, which is 14% of the price. target for the win!

also, we're moving to a 380 squre foot apartment in dc. i'm hoping to put together a green living/living in a tiny apartment post soon.

i hope your summer was lovely, and that your fall is full of adventures and pretty things. cheers, loves.

1. this stripey dress 
2. my trusty new york public library student planner (note: this is the only planner i will ever use for the rest of my life)
3. this mossimo bag 
4. the tempest (for the shakespeare and film class i'm ta-ing)
5. this ikea lamp (to make my office suck a little less)
6. this rabbit notebook
7. these fake glasses, because i can't help myself