Wednesday, July 24, 2013

uh-oh spaghetti-o

oops. looks like it's been a month since i posted...that's troubling. 
well i know all of you have been lost and fashionless without me, but don't you fret. no more long hiatuses. hiati.

perhaps the reason i haven't written is because i haven't seen a lot of things this summer that i've loved. most of the fashion trends i see revolve around constantly looking like you're in search of a music festival and/or burning man...and as i always say, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

but i can think of some summery things that i've really liked, and i'll share those with you.

first of all, i am loving this billow-y fabric trend. who doesn't love a good chiffon on a hot day? we all know i love clothes that can do double duty, and chiffon tops go so easily from work-appropriate to happy hour and dinner casual. h&m has a lot of these tops in different styles, but so do loads of places.

the second thing i'm in love with right now are phone cases that double as wallets. or wallets that double as phone cases. something about carrying a big purse around on a hot day is a little unbearable, and i'm terrified of dropping my brand new iphone or leaving it somewhere (which reminds me, i could do a whole entry on iphone cases...). enter the iphone wristlet! there are lots of options out there, but my choice is the deborah dot wristlet from kate spade. and it's on sale at nordstrom!
if kate spade's not quite your speed, i'm also really in love with these. OTTERS:
and summer wouldn't be summer without a great pair of neon sandals. plus with the 40% discount happening at j.crew right now, plus your student/educator discount, they are kind of a deal!
and last but not least, staying hydrated in the heat is a must. and even though i don't have one of these, i really want one. so in the event that you find yourself needing to buy me a present, look no further. this little buddy lets you mix fruits or veggies to diffuse into your water. science is amazing:
d'accord! those are my favorite summer things right now. what's keeping you cool on these wonderfully hot days?