Wednesday, September 7, 2011

take back the tack

let's take a break from the sample project to talk about another one of my favorite things: tacky clothes.

one of my favorite fashion moves is to take something seemingly tacky and turn it into something surprisingly fun, cute, and classy. bows are a perfect example. bows can be really tacky. for example, my aunt's prom dress:
amazing bow.
but lately i've been seeing a lot of great bows around. these bows are still big, but also really wearable and adorable. let's browse...
there are bows on skirts:
bows on shoes...
 bows on onesies (are onesies a thing now?)...
bows on dresses...

on sale at
 bows on purses...
on sale at
even bigger-than-usual bows on dress pants

i found a really cute shirt at gap last week that could have a big bow on the collar (if you tied it that way), but it only came in the exact same color as my skin. bummer.

so in my first installation of our new series*, take back the tack, i challenge you to find bows! reclaim the tacky! bow down to the bow! let me know what you find - the bigger, the better. you can even make some and attach them to your clothes, if you're super crafty.

and my favorite bow so far?

this amazing hot pink tulle hair bow headband, which belongs to my fashionable friend emily. pretty fab, if you ask me.

*hopefully. let's see how long i can keep this up.