Thursday, February 28, 2013

spring fever part 2

i don't know about where y'all are at, but around here in california, spring is starting to dip its toe in the seasonal pool. there are suddenly birds chirping and those beautiful pale pink/purple flowers blooming on the trees. i know i already posted about the upcoming changing of the seasons, but whatever. it may be cliche, but the transition from winter to spring is always the most welcome and dramatic to me. plus, there are new spring trends popping up every day so the double posting is totally warranted.

first things first, there's the all-important question of what the season's "mascot" animal will be. foxes and hedgehogs have had their turn in the spotlight. so while woodland creatures are phasing out, the animal that might be stepping it's spindly legs into the fashion picture is the....flamingo? shefinds has the complete low-down but here's one of my favorites:

Sugarhill Boutique Flamingo Sweater
sugarhill boutique from asos
i know some people who will be stoked about this trend (me) and others who will be the opposite of stoked (won't name names).

the other thing i'm excited about is the resurgence of baubles. bright, fun, and the easiest way to spice up a white tee and jean combination. 

i'm partial to something in fuchsia...
kate spade

bauble bar is one of my favorite new finds of the week - they have tons of cute jewelry at pretty nice prices and they give you styling suggestions for each piece! here are some of my favorites:

Pink Bezel Gem Strand
Coral Gem Mesh Bib
Supreme Cabochon Bib
Midas Mesh Bib

if these seem a little intense to you, never you fear...they have all sorts of styles. PLUS your first order is $10 off, PLUS if you use this link: and buy something, i get $15. so that's cool.

alright, that's your spring round-up for the day. more to come (i'm sure)...

Friday, February 8, 2013

spring fever

i know it's snowing on the east coast, and raining on the west, but i can't help that feeling that spring is just around the corner. here are some things i'm really excited about this spring:

did anyone else know about this!?!? i'm so excited. there's so much yellow. it's perfect already.
kate spade saturday

i don't have much more information on it than that, but rest assured that i have signed up for the email updates so i'll share that news with you when i get it.

i'm going to be honest with you all though, i have not been super impressed with the spring trends i have seen so far. i'm not digging chunky heels or the peasant look...or the super metallic look. i'm still stoked on neons and i'm definitely excited about the influx of lace.

what about neon lace? i've always loved neon lace for lingerie (overshare?) but haven't really thought about it for clothes. i've been seeing it here and's definitely something i'd try:

Image 1 of ASOS Neon Lace Midi Skirt
one of my other favorite spring classics is a good floral, or a variation on a floral, like this dress:

Printmaking an Impression Dress

the 6-year-old-girl in me is obsessed with this dress:

Belle of the Ball Gown
seriously? it's like the princess dress i used to put on my barbie dolls. amazing.

alright i feel like this post isn't very cohesive. i just really wanted to share my excitement over kate spade saturday and then felt like i had to add other things to make it a real post.