Thursday, May 9, 2013

ode to stationery

allow me to say something very hipster right now:

people don't send enough hand-written shit anymore.

emails are dandy, but letters are sweeter. thank you cards trump all. pretty paper makes everything look sunnier. these are basic tenets of my existence.

luckily, i'm not alone. there are a lot of people out there making really beautiful papers and things so you can feel hip and cool while writing a card, even if your handwriting does not look like calligraphy.

my very favorite stationery company in the world might be rifle paper co. my office is slowly being taken over by rpc notebooks and notepads. i am obsessed with this vibrant florals and simple prints. observe:

i'm also a big fan of yellow owl workshop, not only for their stamp sets but also for their french-themed cards:

and of course, no stationery post would be complete without some recognition of the beautiful paper source:

those are just a selection of the myriad stationery sets that i've seen and loved. so go forth and send letters! and if you need my address, just let me know :)