Wednesday, December 21, 2011

quick pretty things

i love shopping for christmas presents, i really do. but while i was out shopping for other people, i happened to find a lot of things that i really liked. don't worry - with the exception of the owl wallet, i was able to restrain myself. but i still thought i'd quickly post some of my favorite things i saw while out and about...

and now, a few quick pretty things that caught my eye today:

chrysanthemum vase. i love the color combination of aqua and orange, and the pop-art feel of the flower.

penguin books postcards. i would love these for decorating, and for sending!

this is kind of a must-have for me, since puffins are my favorite bird. love it. covet.
 these plates seem like the perfect intermediary between adult plates and fun plates.
 a pop-up book of the little prince!!! can you believe it?? almost as good as my illustrated copy of the life of pi.
all over the internet
 coeur de pirate's second cd (blonde) came out november and i completely missed it. check it out and listen to some tracks..

while we're talking about french things, i also found out today that they made a movie of one of my favorite books. i am a little worried that the movie poster says "freely inspired by the elegance of the hedgehog," however, i still want to see it. watch the trailer!

reusable produce bags! these i really need and want for my farmers market trips. and let's face it, i probably won't make them on my own.

paper source's annual calendar is always beautiful.
 and finally, the one non-gift thing i did let myself purchase: a new wallet with a lyric from one of my favorite songs! heaven.

the end. merry merry!

Friday, December 9, 2011

tis the season for sequins

ah yes. here we are. there's a chill in the air, peppermint chocolate things everywhere, and love actually is appropriate to watch again. it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

one of my favorite things about the holiday season is the plethora of really sparkly styles that magically rebloom every year. let's take a few minutes to embrace the sparkle, and love the sequin.

i want this dress for new years. real bad. it's my number one scout-out for after-christmas shopping.
 glitter ballet flats from j.crew. a little on the spendy side - i got a pair from gap last year for $10. but i also found a really great DIY for adding glitter to shoes here. don't forget a coat of spray-on acrylic to lock it in!

i have no idea where this skirt came from, but it's been on pinterest and i'm obsessed with it. i love the spread of the sequins.

glitter and sparkle doesn't have to just be for clothes, as we know. i tried this at lush the other day and loved it. it's got a subtle level of sparkle, and it smells delicious - like an appletini!
 apologies for the less-than-pro picture, but i didn't feel like getting my real camera out. this is my own sequin DIY - and a prime candidate for Take Back the Tack! i had this old sweatshirt from urban outfitters with this fun bow printed on it, but i wanted to rev it up a little for the holidays. i found a bunch of black, silver, green, and red sequins and sewed them on by hand. it took me approximately three episodes of grimm to finish the whole thing. gluing could work too, but i think sewing would probably last longer.

i recently discovered lauren conrad's beauty blog, the beauty department. i love this idea for sparkly nails! a little unconventional, a little glitzy, a little perfect.

also love this eye makeup tutorial.
 and while we're on the subject of eye makeup, this glitter eyeliner from sephora seems like a must-have for me. it's like ke$ha meets the holidays.

i could go on and on - there are so many fun glittery things out there! but i'll leave you with these and encourage you to go explore your own sequiny sparkly style. have fun!