Saturday, November 9, 2013

like i never left

So...sorry I left for kind of a long time. It turns out writing your dissertation, applying for jobs, teaching piano lessons, traveling for business, traveling for pleasure, training for a half marathon, working for your advisor, stress-eating, and grief-recovery-sleeping (seriously, it's a thing. 10 hours a night) doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging.

But don't you fear, because I've been thinking about you a lot, my cherry amours. I have loads of great ideas for new posts to write. You want a sneak-peek? Of course you do.

Things I some day plan to write about, probably pretty soon:
1) How to make your own earring holder
2) Guided painting classes: so fun!
3) Holiday gift guide, particularly useful if you're buying a present for me
4) Getting in touch with your country side (Luke Bryan not included)
5) Cyanographs: the most hipster art project I can think of
6) Birchbox: how do they make it so awesome?

In the meanwhile, to tide you over, look at what I'm obsessed with right now:
(okay it's nail polish, don't judge me)

Sephora recently came out with a new line of nail polishes and they're kind of great. They have every color and effect you could possibly want, and they last a long time. I put one of the Xplosive top coats over a L'Oreal nail polish and it lasted a whole week, which is a huge deal for me. And they dry SO FAST.

So far I've only gotten two:

I got this neutral for job interviews, because what if I don't want to wear neon yellow to a job interview? I may not. And so I can wear this:

And I got this one to put over my other nail polishes. It looks like splatter paint!! I think it's so cool.

But of course, I already have plans to get others. Like these:

Or pretty much any of them. At $10.50 each ($12.50 for the special ones), it's enough of a splurge to keep me from buying all of them at once, but cheap enough to use as treats (like, say, for not biting my nails...). Thanks, Sephora! For taking all my money.