Tuesday, February 7, 2012

galentine's day

hello, cherries!

suddenly, it's february, and my least favorite holiday in the world is rapidly approaching. i won't explain why i hate valentine's day, but it's not for the normal reasons, i promise. maybe it is a little, but not primarily.

imagine my excitement, then, when i found this: http://occupyvday.tumblr.com/. i love the variety of people on this site, sharing their messages.

usually on february 14th, i celebrate oregon's birthday instead. indeed, last year we did a whole entry on what we love about oregon. and while i am totally thrilled to celebrate oregon's 153rd birthday this year, i'd like to propose an alternative: galentine's day!

okay, so i wanted to call it "palentine's day" because it should be about all your pals, not just the gals...but apparently "palentine" is not really the right word to use in this situation...

the thing is, i don't really mind the aesthetic of valentine's day - i love pink and red. i love cute things, cards, hearts, crafts, and baked delights. it's just the message behind it all that i really dread.

so now, let's reclaim the things we love about february 14th without all that other stuff. ready? galentine's day, 2012...here we go:

make some beautiful cards, like skinny laminx:

from design sponge

or hand-painted, per the direction of designsponge:

from design sponge

or something like this, done on paint cards (as seen on casa sugar):

from casa sugar

bake some delicious sweets, like these red velvet woopie pies:


try your hand at COOKIE MOLDS (if these aren't the coolest things i've ever seen, then i don't know what to tell you):

from the bakerella

or throw out the hearts, ditch the pink (blasphemy!) and the baked goods. grab the most wonderful people you know (romantically or platonically), and have a really great adventure.

what are you going to do this galentine's day?