Wednesday, June 29, 2011

get fancy

oh my goodness. hey so guess what...turns out being back in portland and working at camp is precisely 29348234 more time-consuming than being in a doctoral program. every time i think i have something to write about, i either don't like it, or don't have time to actually write it. but it's time to make sure you know i'm still alive.

so putting flowers in your hair is nothing new. it's often times more romantic in theory than in practice. there's nothing more elegant and feminine than putting a fresh, beautiful flower in your hair. long or short, no matter the color, it works. but it's also extremely short-lived when your beautiful fresh flower wilts into an oozing brown mess. before about a week ago, though, i was opposed to the alternative: fabric flowers. i've been seeing them everywhere lately, though, so i'm starting to come around. etsy is a great place to search for a hair flower that fits your style. i like this one:
SALE . Orange Organza Hair Flower pin
available here
i'm in love with this one and sad that it's not available anymore: 
formerly from jcrew

however, the other i bought this one on supersale from jcrew. somehow a picture doesn't exist on the internet, so i had to quickly take one myself:

i love this one because it's a brooch, a hair thing, AND (though you can't *really* tell from the picture), it's neon orange. 
lastly, a few months ago i made a flower brooch that i plan to start wearing as a hair flower. it was super easy - i took a length of thick ribbon and randomly folded it in on itself a bunch of times, pinching the folds together. i then randomly sewed the bottom a bunch of times so that it stayed in the shape i wanted. i then cut a few inches of pearl bead string, folded it in half, and sewed it into the middle. it looks like this:


i've seen tiny hair flowers to borderline seems like this accessory is experiencing a revival. fancy, fun, and perfect for summer!


(p.s. sorry the formatting is off on this. blogger is not cooperating and i'm way too tired to work any longer on trying to fix it....maybe i'll do better next time. or maybe blogger will. either way.)