Saturday, December 14, 2013

sock envy

happy december!
now that that's out of the way, let's talk about socks!
some people are really into socks. you know - they really enjoy warm fuzzy socks, like getting socks for christmas, etc. i'm not one of those people. i would actually prefer not to wear socks. but in the wake of the arctic blast that has hit pretty much everywhere in the country, i've had to change my tune.

not too long ago, coincidentally, i came across sock it to me, a portland-based (shocker) sock company that has the most delightful socks i've ever seen. it's better to show than tell, though, so let's look at my favorites.

first of all, elephant socks:

second of all, dinosaur socks. i really think i need these.

third, french socks.

fourth, oregon socks. i mean, really, there's a sock for everything i love.

while i like repeating pattern socks, my favorite ones are actually the ones that have one big pattern up the whole sock. like this:


somebody call kristen bell.

i definitely purchased these. the loch ness monster is real.

and last but not least, a unicorn poo-ing a magical rainbow.

i've already purchased some of these as xmas presents for friends, so act surprised if you get one. 

in conclusion, it was really hard not to make a lot of sock puns in this post, but i'll leave that to the experts. if you're wondering what to get me for christmas, look no further (unless you're looking to buy me a computer or nike fuelband, then definitely look further). 

have i become a newly converted sock obsessor? no. but if i can get socks with magical unicorns on them, then i think i can get excited about winter weather just a little bit more.