Friday, February 11, 2011


okay. get ready for a can't-afford-it-friday double feature.

so i've never really been a tiffany kind of girl...i like their things just fine (i'm a sucker for silver), but i can't get behind how much they charge for their pretty things. i just finished reading (don't make fun of me) lock and key by sarah dessen...nothing like a little teen lit for a grad student. anyway the main object of significance in this book was a key-shaped necklace and as i read, i started thinking about how i really liked the sound of it. if i had the dough, i would drop it on this (tiffany & co fleur de lis pendant):

Picture courtesy of

and secondly, i LOVE pretty prints, and i REALLY LOVE this one:

Picture courtesy of the Keep Calm Prints Gallery
i am constantly longing to be at the beach and this would be perfect in my future dream beach house that doesn't exist yet. or on my wall. bring on the beach!

happy friday! bisoux!


  1. Did you like lock and key? I'm looking for a good, fun read for next weekend. I loooove the key necklace, but tiffany's is so snooty, I hate going in there.

  2. i did like lock and key! the copy i read belongs to michelle, so maybe you can borrow it from her! and yes, i agree, i feel like i have to dress up to even go into tiffany's. online shopping, my friend...