Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fun with food

my cherry amour for this week is my new waffle maker:

Image from the Googs.
i bought this waffle maker in an after-christmas sale for really cheap. i'd never made waffles before, but there were elephants involved in this adventure, so i decided to give it a try. let's look at a picture i took of the wafflely part:

as you can see, you can make elephant, lion, and clown-shaped waffles. the clown ones are a bit weird so i usually just end up with a lot of cats and pachyderms. it heats up quickly, and the non-stick iron works like a charm - clean up is extremely minimal. i don't have any pictures of the waffles i made because i ate them all, but rest assured that they were the cutest waffles of my life. making waffles is now a critical part of my sunday morning routine. highly recommend.

if you want more information, click.

and if you have any waffle recipes you'd like to send my way, i would much appreciate.



  1. awesome! i highly recommend these cookie cutters from ikea for anyone who likes to eat animal-shaped treats: http://tinyurl.com/6hedew8

  2. Hi Tracy: Yeah, I totally have those cookie cutters. The fox is my favorite.

  3. i love those!!! i have a unicorn cookie cutter. he's probably lonely, so i should probably get those ikea ones too.