Thursday, February 17, 2011

print palooza

apparently, an entire week has gone by since i've posted. yowza. i'll try to work on that, shall i? anyway, here are two lovely print shops for a pretty thursday morning.

the brilliant magpie

the brilliant magpie is a huge etsy shop with tons of watercolor prints by amy abshier reyes. and although i think these postcard-sized prints are lovely and interesting on their own, the price tag certainly helps: $5 for a gen-u-ine art print. these would make great gifts, don't you think?

the animal print shop

i am absolutely obsessed (really) with sharon montrose's animal prints. i want all of them (although maybe especially the camel... or the fox... or the geese... or the kangaroo... and holy crap, when did she add the baby porcupine?). just as a note: i gave a friend of mine the baby giraffe print at her baby shower for the nursery, and it was a huge hit.

cheers, loves, and happy thursday (it's the new friday).    

postscript: if you check out anything from that embarrassingly gushy list, it should be the baby porcupine. trust me.  

1 comment:

  1. I love the animal prints! I've been sick in bed for the whole week so this infusion of cuteness lifts my spirts! I LOVE the macaw. Baby racoon #1 comes in a close second.