Thursday, April 21, 2011

book candy

hullo there, amours. remember me? alas, finals approacheth, and with the added bonus of not only a heavy school load but a heavy work load, i've been running ragged for quite some time. in fact, the only reason i have time to write now is because i'm waiting on a book from the library's special collections. so here i am! i've missed you.

faithful readers will remember that, being a literature student, i appreciate a beautiful book cover. so i had to share these extraordinary embroidered (embroidered!!!) book covers by jillian tamaki. they're making the blog rounds, so you might have seen them before, but i thought i'd throw them up here just in case. the one of black beauty literally made me gasp.

may all books be pretty and lend themselves to easy essays. amen.

cheers, loves.


  1. I want her to do the cover of my journal. How fantastic would that be?