Thursday, April 7, 2011

tasty tide-over

so i am planning on doing my first DIY crafting post tomorrow...or soon...but before i can write about this specific craftiness, i have to take pictures of it. and my samples are in my office, which is all the way down the street.

so while i gather up the energy to make the long trek over to my workspace, i thought i'd post a quick little follow-up to a recent post we did! if you remember, katie hawkes told us about the wonders of coconut milk, amongst other things. well, i was inspired to try some of her ideas so i make mango sticky rice! truthfully, i used basmati rice so it's a little less than sticky, but it's SO GOOD. here's how it got made:

1/2 cup of rice in the rice maker with 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of coconut milk, and roughly 1/8* cup of sugar.
while that's getting nice and cooked...
1/2 cup of coconut milk with another 1/8 cup of sugar, brought to a boil (this becomes the sauce).
chop up a whole, ripe mango.

when the rice is done, put it on a plate, arrange the mango slices on top, and pour the sauce over the whole thing.

VOILA. instant delish.

stay tuned for impending craftiness coming in the next couple days!

*okay fine, not an actual measurement. but i put in 1/4 cup and it seemed a little too sugary, so i suggest trying less.


  1. pictures!! i need pictures of this food!

  2. food presentation is not my strong suit. also i made it in a pyrax container so i could take it to LA with me and ate it all before pictures happened. next time i will have pictures!

  3. yummy!!! i do believe a certain christine trac used to make something similar at 105 bishop. and she would insist that we get it whenever we went to rice pot. but without your blog i would have totally forgotten! off to make sticky rice :)

  4. Dear Kathayoon,

    As I write this, I'm making this for, like the twelfth time. Thanks for posting!