Monday, May 30, 2011

bits and tids

i had big plans to write an entry this week on reusable fruit bags, but decided i'd like to make some of my own before i write that post. instead, i'll leave you with a few tidbits:

first of all, the new album by death cab comes out tomorrow. thanks to a friend here at school, i got an early start on it and i have to say, it's gorgeous. it makes me want to close my eyes and just let the music fill my room. npr is doing a first listen today/tomorrow...check it out.

secondly, in anticipation of summer, i'm considering getting this hip pack* for work at camp:
Dakine Classic Hip Pack - Women's Floralescent, One Size
thoughts? can i pull off a hip pack? can anyone pull off a hip pack? or should we just let this trend die once and for all? 

third, and last, i read on NYT today that espadrilles are the sandal of the summer (yeah, this is what i spend my 20 articles a month on). okay - but wait - i feel like espadrilles were the sandal of last summer. and two summers ago. someone somewhere is really indignant about making espadrilles catch on, and by gum, they will keep saying they're the sandal of the summer until they actually are. 

alright, well here are two pairs that i would wear:


okay, wait, i lied. that wasn't the last thing. this is:
my friend posted this video a few days ago and i love it. it re-inspired my scarf wearing, for sure! 

a bientot!

*new marketing: it's not a fanny pack. it's a hip pack. get it? because it's hip. and it goes on your hip. not your fanny. 


  1. :) I like your re-naming technique. And the shoes! I saw the 2nd pair at target and just barely walked away.

  2. chris (my new boyfriend) has a tiny fanny pack and a giant fanny pack and he didn't even understand that i was making fun of him for having them the first time we talked about fanny packs. this isn't commenting on whether or not anybody's pulling them off. just that he wears them.