Tuesday, August 2, 2011

this is only a test: part two

finally, a review!

so first of all, the sample project continues to be a huge success. currently, i have 60 product samples taking over my room and bathroom. i've divided them into skin care, lotions, hair products, foundations/tinted moisturizers, primers, eye makeup, perfumes, and miscellaneous (mascaras, blushes, lip color, etc). it's overwhelming kind of.

the first thing i'd like to review is eye makeup!
i've tried a lot of eye things. my favorite eye things include:

urban decay deluxe eyeshadow in freakshow...
Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow .09 oz (2.5 g)
image courtesy of amazon.com
i have darker features and i really like this color - it's noticeable, but not insane. i can wear it to work and not feel like, well, a freakshow.

i especially liked this eyeshadow when paired with bare escentuals eye color in true gold:

Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Glimmer - True Gold 0.02 oz Eyeshadow
image courtesy of google
in fact, of the five bare escentuals eye colors i am sampling, i like this one the best. it layers beautifully on top of other eyeshadows. for the record, i also tried queen phyllis, trophy wife, desire, chameleon. all were awesome. but this wins the most.

lastly, the hunt for the elusive eye primer! working outside all day means that my eyeshadow usually disappears by 10 in the AM. i sampled three different eye primers and the winner is...*drumroll*...bare escentuals prime time eyelid primer!
Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer (0.1 oz)
image courtesy of amazon.com
not only does this primer make it so my eyeshadow lasts through camp, it also lasted through a day in chicago humidity and - get this - a 5.5 mile run. that's right. i went running yesterday in 80 degree heat for 5.5 miles and i still had eyeshadow on at the end (with no creasing!). CRAZY.

in the end, i probably won't get the urban decay shadow because it's not a color i can wear all the time. but i am planning on getting the b.e. eye color and definitely the primer. 

next time, i'll talk about my whole new chemical-free skin care regiment. it's really exciting, i promise.

also, a few of our readers started their own sample-sprees so we'll be posting their reviews as they come!

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