Thursday, April 26, 2012

upcycling book art

so one of the benefits of being friends with designers is that they introduce you to lots of pretty things. in a few days, i'll be posting about my laser cutting adventures, but until then, i wanted to tide you over with a new obsession of mine:

i could probably write an entire entry on, but i won't.

instead, i'm going to quickly show you some pictures of a method i'm really liking lately: things painted over book pages. it's fun, it's the right amount of chaotic, it's upcycling, and it could be easy to do yourself. here are some of my favorites. the first bunch are from collageOrama:

I Love You Valentine HEDGEHOG with heart print over an upcycled vintage dictionary page book art Buy 3 get 1 Free

The Love Bot 3000 ROBOT geeky Valentines Day balloon art print upcycled vintage dictionary page book art print

Penguin Art Print Romantic PENGUIN COUPLE in love with heart altered art dictionary page illustration book print

Rainy Day OTTER with Umbrella and yellow boots illustration beautifully upcycled dictionary page book art print

and then a few from wooden doll:

Rainbow Giraffe Vintage French to English Dictionary Page Original Art D

Vintage French to English Dictionary Page Original Art Elephant Loves Butterflies Aqua

Woodland Deer Vintage Dictionary Page Spring Has Arrived

anyway, i could go on forever. if any of you know other such artists, let me know!

i might buy all of these. just so we're on the same page.


  1. i also looked at these today and immediately wanted to show them to you but then decided that you had definitely already seen them.