Sunday, July 22, 2012

your new favorite thing

so i am compiling a large number of crafty posts, but in the meantime, i want to bring your attention to my new favorite thing. somehow this hasn't blown up all over beauty blogs, as far as i can tell. that probably means i'm a trendsetter.

overall, i love my hair. it's heavy, but it has great volume. it's coarse, but it curls and straightens with equal ease. it can't hold hair color, but my natural color is dynamic and deep. my only real complaint is that my hair is dull. it's lack of shiny brightness has been the drain of many of my dollars, sunk into various serums, gels, and pomades.

recently, my mom purchased moroccan argan oil and IT'S AMAZING. i put a dime-sized amount through my hair and when i dry it, voila! shiny shine. and softness! so much softness. it's fabulous. also, i read in wikipedia (so you know it's true) that argan oil is produced by women's cooperatives from tribes in morocco that split the profits. i'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

i've been using the organix argan oil. organix has a whole line of argan oil shampoos, oils, etc. i may try out the other stuff eventually, but i'm really liking just the straight up oil.

now my hair is perfect. yay!

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