Tuesday, September 25, 2012

so long, sweet summer

according to my trusted sources, summer is over. this cataclysmic tragedy can only be tempered by two things: pumpkin flavored beverages, and fall fashion.

one of my best purchases lately has to be this h&m blazer in navy blue. long, boyish-but-feminine, and in an versatile neutral.

i'm excited to pair it with some of my flashier accessories. summer may be over, but you'll have to pry the neon from my cold, dead hands.
navy also pairs really well with coral and rose gold, two of my favorite summer-fall transition colors.

i am also really into this flowing, over-sized blouse trend. i paired this shirt (or a shirt like it that was cheaper and from nordstrom rack) with a pair of black flat-front shorts yesterday and accessorized with a bold gold necklace:

as for bottoms...i can't yet give up my neon matchstick ankle jeans, or my patterned shorts, or my skirts, or my white capris (yes, i'm still wearing white - didn't you hear? people finally don't care about when you wear white clothes). new distressed jeans, though, may ease the separation anxiety...

lastly, i'm a little in love with this new fragrance from marc jacobs. like everything else here, it's a little bit summer and a little bit fall - the perfect balance between floral, feminine, and classic. plus, it's packaging is inspired by an insect! i can't splurge for the whole bottle right now (slash until i have a real job) so i've been content with the samples the ladies at nordstrom give me.

so in conclusion, so long sweet summer. thanks for the beach trips, the summer camps, the hiking, the cliff-jumping, the barbeques, the opportunity to drive around with the windows down blasting call me maybe (or when that got old, we are never ever getting back together). i will welcome you again with open arms in nine months.

welcome to the world, autumn. you've got a lot to live up to!

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