Sunday, December 9, 2012


this year for christmas i decided to make my life a whole lot harder and make my own christmas cards. i this spirit, i tried paper quilling. basically, paper quilling is an form that involves curling up strips of paper and molding them into shapes. and then using those shapes to make other shapes. each card took a really long time, and i got a lot of glue on my hands, but i'm really happy with the results. 

so basically you cut paper into these little strips. it's really important that the paper is colored on both sides:

then you roll them up into tight coils. i used my fingers sometimes and sometimes i used a toothpick, at least to start the coil. then, i let the coil go a little bit til it unravels to the size i want. then i glue the end of the paper down. to make a tear drop, pinch the end. to make an oval, pinch both ends. other than that, i just made it up as i went. here are the final products!

and there you have it! i added some stamped lettering to a few of them and some calligraphy inside. 
they may have taken forever but i like them a lot!

happy holidays!!

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