Sunday, June 16, 2013

terrific terrariums

in this second round of crafting with colleen, we very successfully made terrariums!!

step one: pick your jar. there was a wide selection. i chose the fishbowl style.

there was also a rock selection. some people did a great job picking out their rocks. i made the mistake of overdoing it on the red rocks and had to go back and pick all the red rocks out when i decided i hated them. 

tim took his time really taking in the inspiration that other people were providing. 

rocks round 2.

this is when i was picking out all of the red rocks. it took awhile, but it was worth it.

there was a selection of succulents to choose for your terrarium. 

terrarium in progress!

this was my finished terrarium. i added an abnormally sized lizard (let's say it's a komodo dragon) and an army man stalking the lizard. let's look at this masterpiece from a few more angles. 

colleen puts the finishing touches on her terrarium.

 chris is finally ready to make a terrarium of his own. he starts by dumping in a handful of army men in the jar and then drowning them in red rocks.

chris was excited about his creation. tim finally felt he had enough inspiration to start on his.

basically, it was success all around. here's my recipe for terraria:

- white sand
- potting soil
- plants that don't require a lot of water
- toys
- rocks
- bowls
- moss

be sure to:
- plan ahead. it's hard to make edits.
- know when to stop. it's easy to overdo it.
- make it really awesome!!

i want to make a dinosaur terrarium sometime. with a volcano in the middle. for now, though, my wonderful terrarium is in my new office. it looks great and i really hope i don't kill the plant.

the end!

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  1. Glad you posted about one of our successful experiments! Note: succulents do need some light, so if your office has no windows, you may want to field trip it outside once in a while.