Wednesday, October 1, 2014

west coasters

i should be working, but it occurred to me that i made something and then didn't tell you all about it which means i need to fix that tout suite.

this is a ten-minute craft, max. not counting drying time, but no one counts drying time because you can instagram a craft while it's still wet, and that's when it's real, right?

this is what i made:

this craft has four amazing steps:

1) find and purchase birch coasters. i mean, if you're super ambitious and you've recently cut some dead branches off a birch tree outside your house (currently happening at my home), you could cut some cookies off of that and sand them down. your call.
2) purchase washi tape. i opted for two kids: straight and chevron. 
3) attach washi tape semi-haphazardly across the birch. i wanted each one to be a little different, so my washi taping was a little intentional.
4) mod podge over the top. this seems to protect it from things like condensation from bottles, so i wouldn't skip this step if i were you.

one thing i did that i would not recommend is i put little felt disks on the bottom (three on each). this would have been key if i were using these coasters on glass, but i'm using them on a slated wood coffee table which means the felt has the opposite effect i wanted, and makes the coasters wobble a little. 

give it a try! wood cookie coasters are popular and there are so many ways to make them your own. 


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