Thursday, January 27, 2011

five of haylie's favorite things

1. chunky knits

photo via glamcanyon

i just re-learned how to knit after a long absence, and i love it. after a long day of grad school, there's nothing better than digging my fingers into soft thick yarn to actually make something. and since it continues to be insanely and disgustingly cold in my part of the world, there's also the always important warmth-factor. 

2. foxes

tragically unaffordable ring via odette

it seems like foxes are popping up everywhere lately, which suits me just fine since they're basically my alter-ego animal. not only are foxes crucial to both a movie and a band that i love, they're also cropping up in toys and jewelry. love. 

3. pretty paperback covers

to the lighthouse by virginia woolf. it's my favorite woolf

i'm generally pretty happy with my chosen life of words, but sometimes pictures are nice, too. especially when those pretty pictures can be found on the front of cheap paperbacks i have to buy for my classes. 

4. miss moss' color comparisons

miss moss' color comparisons are my new favorite internet thing. she combines vintage photographs with old paintings (most of which have been new to me, so, bonus) and i. love. it. extra bonus points because "miss moss" sounds like a prim, no-nonsense, dear abbey type. 

5. the national botanical garden

 Photo by me!

things i love about the botanical garden: 1. it's free. 2. it's warm! 3. i can sit in plant bliss and study for hours and no one bothers me. 4. it's convenient to my metro line. 5. in the warmer months, i like to sit in the outdoor garden and study/eat lunch/take a nap. 

those are a few of my favorite things! 

cheers, loves. 


  1. I second the thing about paperback covers. I totally judge our English department by the covers they choose for the books they require. So far, Pauline is most consistently on top.

    5 of MY favorite things!
    1. YOU, and everything you stand (and sit) for.
    2. U2
    3. Really good (and vaguely girly), light, and airy interior design.
    4. My husband and my cat (do they count?)
    4b. If not the above, handmade pasta, homemade bread, and artisan cheese.
    5. A book that you very literally cannot put down. Or better, a book that is better than lunch with an old friend every time you read it. (For me, that's 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.' Stinkin' read it already, Haylie!)

  2. Also, my captcha for the above comment was "sheededo." Awesome. #6 of my favorite things!