Monday, January 31, 2011

Reed diffusers and Sephora

this weekend i indulged in a little bit of retail therapy - the kind that starts out as a quick trip to target to get some shampoo and ends with me seriously contemplating how much i want groceries versus how much i want a new scarf. but let's discuss two things that came out of this trip:

reed diffusers

i've been obsessed with reed diffusers for about six months now. i feel like i always see them in really classy homes - the kinds that are owned or decorated by interior designers. a good (pay attention to that word - it's important) reed diffuser instantly adds a sort of modern elegance. plus, the scent is nice too. also, i feel like they were all over the place during the holiday season. lastly, i noticed that they were always a little out of my price range. specifically, the one i had my eyes on was from pottery barn, which most definitely made it out of my price range. while at target, however, i went to the dollar section to see if i could find some cheap frames for my office. i didn't find frames, but i did find mini reed diffusers for a dollar! my choices were vanilla and strawberry champagne. i couldn't resist the enticing promise of strawberry. i got it and quickly set it up in my bathroom (clearly the classiest place for a diffuser):

pros: i like the way it looks and it almost satisfies my desires for an elegant reed diffuser. i say almost because...
cons: my bathroom smells like a middle school girl's locker.

i'm willing to live with this for now, until an upgrade comes my way. but from cherry amour to cherry amour (me, to you) might be worth not paying $1 to get a less tween-y diffuser, if you are looking for one.

the second thing i'm going to say is probably not going to be news to anybody, but i thought i'd mention it anyway. i accidentally left my favorite eye makeup at home in portland. it kills me to buy something i already have, so i went to sephora in search of a new favorite. after two days and trying on basically every brand in the store, i came back to the sephora brand. this happens to me a lot. i think sephora's really great, because you get to try things on and that's fun...but the best thing about sephora might be that their house brand actually has really great makeup at a relatively good price. this is what i ended up getting (in carine 26):

pink, sparkly, perfect.

that's it for now, i think. a bientot!!

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