Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i think our blog's motto (style, fashion, and design for the overambitious and under-funded) is particularly appropriate, in my case at least, when it comes to travel. my travel plans are invariably overambitious (a week's stay at a cottage in the woods! yoga class every morning! in-house massage!) and deeply under-funded (helloooo two nights max at the hyatt). so i think my absolute obsession with airbnb.com, a website in which real-life people list real-life properties, including full apartments/houses and room to rent, is understandable. many of the apartments/rooms are shockingly affordable (although there are some fantasy apartments, too), and you can list your own place (note: if i had discovered this sooner, i would absolutely have listed our apartment in portland anytime I knew we were going to be out of town). anyway, see for yourself (note: these are all full apartments/homes for rent. there are many, many rooms for much cheaper):

"apple a day" schoolhouse in andes, ny: $105/night

101 central apartment in reykjavik, iceland: $123/night

pacific view cottage in occidental, ca: $110/night

and one fantasy: 

oliko suite on santorini, greece: $534/night (but it accommodates 4!)

cheers, loves.


  1. Haylie! You've totally saved my honeymoon. Brad and I were all set to get budget hotels all over Japan, but these apartments are the same price. You are a lifesaver. Miss you!

  2. This is a great site! Thanks for pointing that out to us :)