Friday, February 4, 2011

i can't afford it friday

hullo amours. i'm thrilled to introduce our first ever regular feature. we're calling it "i can't afford it friday." kathayoon and i are dedicated to featuring design and style that is actually accessible for those in our income brackets on this blog, but that doesn't mean we can't dream. so every friday kat or i (or both of us) will feature something we love, something we can't live without... only, we have to. 'cause it's too expensive.

first up are these wood frame glasses (with clear lenses!) from la garconne ($208). i don't actually need glasses, but have always wished that i did (don't think i don't hear you groaning, glasses wearers). i would have absolutely no problem donning a pair of poser glasses, especially if they were as pretty as these. in fact, i think they would make me more believable as a phd candidate. can i consider them an investment in my intellectual future?  

glasses from la garconne via i am a greedy girl. le sigh.

cheers, loves. 

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