Thursday, February 24, 2011

your best friends' clothes

sorry for the absence! i decided to take four days off from grad life and head back to portland. my "happy birthday, oregon" entry made me nostalgic, i think.

but today, i would like to talk about your best friends' clothes. and how to make them your own.

over the summer, my friend zoe (with umlauts) was thinning out her closet in preparation for a trip abroad. when i was at her house one day, she had put out a collection of dresses that she was giving away. i managed to get away with an excellent checker print belted dress from england, and a lovely teal h&m party dress. i don't have pictures of these things right now, so i drew you a picture (but not of the checker dress, because that was too hard):

isn't it pretty? it also sparkles which makes it perfect for the evening times. 

a few weeks later, my friend colleen was also cleaning out her closet. i ended up taking away a blue cashmere sweater, and a lovely pink spring skirt, both from j.crew. here is my artistic interpretation of those pieces:
in other news, drawing things on paint is hard. i don't know how hyperbole and a half does it. 

i really like swapping clothes with my friends because i really hate thrift stores. i really hate thrift stores because i am a germaphobe, especially when it comes to other peoples' germs, especially when they're people i don't know. the benefit of swapping clothes with my friends is that i know zoe and colleen are clean, hygiene-observing people, so my germ-alarms do not go off.

organizing clothing swaps with friends can be as all-out as organizing a whole event with food and wine, or as simple as just putting things in bags and letting someone sift through them while you do other things. give it a try! and let us know what treasures you come away with....


  1. I'm glad you think I'm a clean and hygiene observing person... because I am. Usually.

  2. My roommate hosts Naked Lady parties about once a year. We invite tons of friends over, have them bring their old unwanted clothes, and put certain types in each room (ie tops in my room, bottoms in Michelle's, accessories in the living room, etc). Then we get to run around in our underwear trying on what we like. I'll be sure to invite you ladies next time we have one!

  3. I like your paintings! And your idea. I HATE walking into thrift stores, but I love inexpensive clothes. Great alternative!