Friday, February 25, 2011



true confessions: i'm obsessed with kate spade. you're probably thinking...wasn't she a thing when we were in, like, high school? maybe. i was too busy trying to tame my traffic cone hair back then to focus on my clothes. but i am making up for lost time and love. her.

i mean, it's pretty easy to tell why. the prints! the styles! THE COLORS. it's like someone looked inside my brain and found all the things i love and put them in a designer. everything is so BRIGHT. she makes it look like summer all year 'round. but, of course, it's completely out of my reach. one day, a long time ago, i found a pair of lace-up-the-leg red canvas kate spade flats for $20. it was the best fashion day of my life. but, since that was the peak, it's all been downhill from there and i'm left to only lust at the things i'll never someday when i'm rich and famous be able to afford.

didi heels

anemone josie dress (anemone!)

cobble hill leslie handbag

piper stud earrings

crystal kaleidoscope necklace

happy friday!!

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