Tuesday, March 8, 2011

charismatic megafauna

today i would like to write about something very near and dear to my heart:

other people giving me presents.

a few months ago, i opened my mailbox to find a package full of the most amazing shirts i have ever seen. these shirts were made by my dear roommate julie goodness, and our former next door neighbor andy melien. andy had been talking about making these shirts for awhile, but i never imagined they'd end up so glorious. i wear my shirts with pride and get envious looks every time i do. let's look at some pictures of pretty people modeling these shirts...

here are some pictures of the shirt-making process...

one of those is probably mine! as you can probably tell, they've gone global. in my neck of the woods, i've been sporting these four designs:

the neon pink color of this one is absolutely my favorite, plus it has an elephant (ancestor) on it.

i also really like that one because the silver is kind of sparkling against the navy blue.

but that one is probably my favorite, for the awesomeness factor. (did you know that spell checker will get you for sparkly, but not for awesomeness?).

anyway, these shirts are great. mine are super comfortable and perfectly fitted, even with a tank top on underneath (for added length). andy screens them himself, which makes them roughly 10,000 times better than anything you could get in stores. if you are desiring some of these for your own, andy says he is going to post them on etsy in the coming months. rest assured that i will forward that etsy shop onto you when he does.

happy tuesday!


  1. AWESOMENESS. ps this is katie <3

  2. double awesomeness!! ps this is yaya <3 <3

  3. yaya! now cameroon is kind of colored in on google-generated map of countries where people like to read our blog. thanks!! ;)