Monday, March 7, 2011

a little tide over

i'm waiting on a couple things before i make my next post, which will be very cool and special because it's about something you're never seen before (unless you're one of the three people that owns this mysterious thing)!

in the meantime, i stumbled across this jacket on modcloth (when procrastinating) tonight:
Yellow-So-Cute Coat
Photo courtesy of ModCloth

one of my least favorite things about spring fashion is all the pastels that suddenly show up. vintage, dusty pastels are pretty. easter pastels are not. at least, not on me. they look good on people with fairer complexions, which again, is not me. so i've been on the hunt for bright spring pieces. i recently purchased this cardigan in green thumb, and love it. 

i'm back and forth on this one though - worth it? what do you think? must-have, or skippable?

1 comment:

  1. Must-have. I love it! The buttons, pocket and collar detail are awesome. It'll make me happy just by looking at you (not that it doesn't already?). :)