Friday, March 18, 2011

let the good times roll

in a few hours, i'll be south africa-bound, on a journey to the other side of the earth. but before i leave, i wanted to leave you with a little something i love.

a lot of my friends don't think a lot about perfume, and that's totally logical. it's expensive, it can be a bit frivolous, and there's a high risk you might end up reeking of chanel no. 5 like your grandmother. but i am here to propose a solution, and a rationale. first, the rationale.

a few years ago, i found a sweatshirt in the back of my car. it could have belonged to any one of my friends, it was cute and small. so it sat and sat and no one claimed it. one day when i was cleaning out my trunk, i took it out. after examining it and failing to determine the owner, i gave it a quick sniff. i knew instantly who it belonged to - it smelled like her perfume. from that point on, i because obsessed with having a signature scent. something lovely that people smell and say, "that smells like kat!"

but finding a signature scent is not a job to be taken lightly. i had a lot of perfume - one of my best friends had a stint working at the perfume counter at macy's - but none of them seemed signature-worthy. then, i went to sephora and happened upon these:
Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Roll-On
Photo courtesy of Sephora
rollerball perfume! at less than $20 a pop, these are amazing. i bought this juicy couture one to try out the scent and voila! fell in love. i now own the Real Thing, but i keep this rollerball in my purse at all times, for travel or touch-ups (though i'm not really enough of a grown-up to remember to touch up my perfume yet. some day...).

so if you're keen on smelling like lovely things, but don't want to commit to a $100 bottle of perfume, try these little buddies. just roll them over the insides of your wrist and neck, and you're set to go! highly recommend.

adieu, my cherry amours! i'll be back in a week with some cape town styles...bisoux!

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