Monday, March 21, 2011

spring chicken

whoa - with kathayoon gone to africa (lucky lucky duck!) i guess the blogging responsibilities have fallen to me. sorry i've been gone so much... grad school will get ya, it turns out. but today i have a new idea to run by you. did you ever play with barbies growing up? i was never much of a barbie girl myself. most of my barbie memories involve our rabbit, sadie joyce, ripping their hair out to make nests. i also vaguely remembering assembling them into a small community before stopping all over them a la godzilla. in fact, does anyone have barbie memories that aren't gruesome? or that might just be me. anyway, i digress. the point is, one of the few things i remember actually liking about barbie were all of the different jobs she did. pet doctor barbie!* doctor barbie! research scientist barbie! i admired her ability to try on so many different hats. actually, maybe that's not a good metaphor. i admired... her ability to explore so many different career options. i also admired her ability to walk, given her proportions and all.

so. here is my idea. remember my post about artist supplies? i had a really good time putting that together, and i think the reason was because it allowed me to be a little bit - deep breath - like artist barbie. so i think i'll make this a regular thing. and today being the first day of spring and all, i've decided to take the plunge. behold... chicken farmer barbie.**

keeping chickens by ashley english; barnheart shirt by jenna woginrich of cold antler farm (the original barnheart!); swedish flower hens from greenfire farms; beater jeans from your bottom drawer; heirloom seeds from terrain; tall hunter boots in merlot. oh hunter boots: when oh when will you be mine?

what are your fantasy careers?***

*veterinarian barbie was a little much, i guess.
**i need to come up with a better name for this feature. thoughts?
***that sounds a little racy... but you know what? bring it on.


  1. Check out Architect barbie:

  2. I love it. I'm also a big fan of computer engineer Barbie. As far as I know, there's never been a Professor Barbie, though. Clearly this needs to change.

  3. I love you. Can I be Zookeeper Barbie?