Friday, April 29, 2011

hats off

in honor of the royal wedding, let's talk about...hats!!

i secretly really love hats. they're hard to wear not-in-the-winter, though, because they can instantly make you look overdressed. somehow, the moment you put on that one accessory, people start saying, "a hat? oh, so now you're a hat person?" or "what are you all dressed up for?" things like that. they're probably just hiding their jealousy that you can pull of hats, though, because hats are awesome.

so with a nod to want-it-but-can't-afford it friday, let's talk about what philip treacy hat i would have worn if i had gone to the royal wedding.


or maybe....

from philip treacy's summer 2011 collection

that one. yes. i love that one. wearing a hat like this would require me to look demure pretty much constantly. it's hard work, but someone has to do it.

ahh. if only. well, and while we're talking about hats, no discussion of hats would be complete without a nod to the kentucky derby. if i were going to the derby, my hat would look like this...


for the derby, that might be aiming a little low. but it's black and pink and shimmery and a little bit tacky. just my style.

happy friday!!

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  1. I love the hats. But when I see the ones with feathers, all I can think of is the book "She's Wearing a Dead Bird On Her Head," which has been the cause of some of my all-time favorite zoo moments.