Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the queen of prints

boujour, amours!

today i'd like to chat about a lovely local (to portland) designer, rebecca pearcy. as the founder and president of queen bee creations, rebecca's faux leather bags are super popular in the city of roses. i personally preferred bags from the now-defunct skull cat design* but, her's are lovely, and you can't seem to throw a stone in portland without hitting someone who has one (not that you would want to).

but now, rebecca is rolling out a new line of textiles that are TDF (to die for!). i'm obsessed. right now, she's doing simple totes and tea towels. i really want this one:

QB loves PDX
photo courtesy of

BUT more than i want a cute little bee who loves portland, just like me, i want this:
photo courtesy of
could it be anymore perfect?? it's yellow AND it has ginkgo leaves, which you know i love, if you've read our extensive side-bar biographies. it's a little steep for a grad student budget, but not unmanageable. also, my birthday's coming up...!

perhaps even more exciting, rebecca is considering selling the fabrics (which she prints herself) so that people can make their own beautiful things with these prints. i'm already making a list of the things i'd want to create...

if you want to see more, (like a really adorable scissor print, and a put-a-bird-on-it print) go here!
if you want to read the oregonlive article about rebecca pearcy (and peruse the photo gallery, which i highly recommend), go forth. pay special attention to the scissor pillows. i love those.

i really want to go to her studio when i get back to oregon next month. expect a follow-up entry when i do!


*i have to show off the skullcat bag i have because i love it and it cost me a whole day's paycheck but it was worth it. aren't you just a little bit jealous?

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